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Some background

Peter van Poelgeest, the visionary behind DutchVibezzz, originally charted a professional course in Power Electronics, Battery Testing, and the Solar industry. Despite excelling in international Business Development roles within these technical domains, the allure of his untapped vocal potential persisted. In 2022, Peter embraced a transformative decision. Immersing himself in intensive training spanning speech, music, and voice modulation, Peter has emerged as a dynamic voice artist. His unique synthesis of technical acumen and artistic flair positions him to seamlessly convey your corporate narratives through DutchVibezzz, adding a dimension of credibility that only true industry expertise can bring.


Are you in search of a vibrant and dynamic voice, or do you prefer a composed and professional tone? Take a moment to explore the various demos on the playlist below and listen for yourself.


Hello and Welcome !

DutchVibezzz offers a wide range of Voice-Over Services, available not just in native Dutch, but also in English and German, infused with a distinct "Touch of Dutch."

In addition to my resonant and warm voice, my experience in Sales, Power Electronics, Battery Testing, and Renewable Energy can add further knowledgable significance to your Corporate Media.

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Categories and Prices

To obtain an official quote, kindly reach out to us with your precise requirements.

Special discounts are available for Dutch local and regional small businesses!



This category includes voice-overs for advertising purposes, such as radio and TV commercials, online video ads, and promotional content. The goal is to engage and persuade the audience to take specific actions, like purchasing a product or service.



Narration voice-overs are used for informative and storytelling purposes. This category encompasses audiobooks, e-learning courses, documentaries, corporate presentations, and explainer videos. The primary aim is to convey information clearly and engagingly.


Corporate and Industrial Voice-Overs

Corporate and industrial voice-overs play a crucial role in conveying information, educating employees, and enhancing communication within organizations. Commonly used in training videos, product demonstrations, internal communications, trade show presentations, safety videos, and technical explanations.


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